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www.shadowrealms.com.br Exibir tópico - Dragon Duel Finals: Alessandro vs. Erik lille
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Dragon Duel Finals: Alessandro vs. Erik lille

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Dragon Duel Finals: Alessandro vs. Erik
July 8th, 2012 - 12:03
It all came down to this! 45 Dragon Duelists showed up this weekend, all willing to go all the way and become the new European Dragon Duel Champion! After 5 rounds of Swiss yesterday, we narrowed the field down to the final 8, who had to go head to head in the knock out portion of the tournament today. We’re now down to two: Erik from Germany and Alessandro from Italy, both running Dino Rabbit Decks. Who will become the new Champion? We’ll know in just a few minutes!

Alessandro won the die roll and opted to go first.

Alessandro's opening turn in the last Match of the Day!

He kicked things off in spectacular fashion, using Rescue Rabbit, searching his Deck for 2 copies of Kabazauls, he used them to bring out Evolzar Laggia, he Set 3 Spells or Traps and ended.

Erik Set 2 back row cards, but Fiendish Chain was taken down by Mystical Space Typhoon.

Alessandro Normal Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld, but Effect Veiler negated its effect. Attacks followed and play was back to Erik. He used Mystical Space Typhoon during the End Phase, but Alessandro used Evolzar Laggia‘s effect to make sure he would keep the card.

Erik attacked with Kabazauls over Tour Guide From the Underworld and he Set a Spell or Trap.

Alessandro Normal Summoned Kabazauls, but Bottomless Trap Hole banished it. Evolzar Laggia attacked over Kabazauls.

Now it was time for Erik to make some use of Rescue Rabbit!

It was Erik’s turn to Normal Summon Rescue Rabbit. Both his Normal Monsters were swallowed up by Bottomless Trap Hole. He had to pass the turn.

Alessandro added yet another heavy hitter to his side of the field and that meant he had enough damage to claim the win!

Alessandro is only 1 win away from becoming the new European Dragon Duel Champion!

Erik’s mood didn’t seem to be too bad considering the circumstances. For him, it was more about flying to Tokyo than becoming the champion. Mind you, he still had a chance and it seemed like he knew exactly what to bring in from his Side Deck, so lt’s see if he could turn the tide!

He opened the second Duel with Thunder King Rai-Oh in front of a face-down Spell or Trap.

Alessandro's opening hand in the second game!

Alessandro considered his opening a bit, but he bravely Normal Summoned Sangan. Erik used Solemn Warning to get rid of it. Alessandro activated Dark Hole, then used Monster Reborn on Thunder King Rai-Oh and he attacked directly. Erik found Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, a great answer!

The following turn, Erik added Rescue Rabbit. Alessandro had Effect Veiler. Erik attacked with Gorz the Emissary of Darkness over his own Thunder King Rai-Oh, an attack with Rescue Rabbit followed and then the token went in. He Set a Spell or Trap and ended.

Alessandro tried to get rid of Rescue Rabbit with Kabazauls, but its attack ended in Dimensional Prison.

This time it was Erik who was able to claim the win in no time!

When Erik tried to use Rescue Rabbit‘s effect again, Alessandro knew it was over and he went for his Side Deck.

Erik equals the score!

I wasn’t sure those Duelists could step up their gas even more, but after the first game that only took 3 minutes, they managed to finish the second game in just 2! Let’s see if they could do it in 1…

Alessandro had the all-important Rescue Rabbit for his opening, but Erik responded with Maxx "C"! 2 Kabazauls came out, Erik drew a card, an Xyz Summon followed for Evolzar Laggia and Erik drew again. Alessandro Set 2 Spells or Traps and ended.

Erik Set a monster together with 2 Spells or Traps of his own.

Play was back to Alessandro, who Normal Summoned Sabersaurus and he attacked with Evolzar Laggia into Sangan. This got Erik Rescue Rabbit from his Deck. Sabersaurus attacked directly, leaving Erik on 6100 Life Points. Alessandro Set a Spell or Trap and ended, but that’s when Erik flipped 2 (!) Mystical Space Typhoon‘s, destroying 2 Solemn Warnings!

The following turn, he used Rescue Rabbit to Special Summon 2 Sabersaurus. Bottomless Trap Hole was Alessandro’s response, but Erik had Forbidden Lance to save 1 of his Sabersaurus!

Erik simply used Alessandro's monsters to make sure he would also get to Xyz Summon!

Mind Control followed, which gave him control over Alessandro’s Normal Monster. He went for Gem-Knight Pearl, but Evolzar Laggia negated the summon. Erik Set a Spell or Trap and ended his turn.

Evolzar Laggia attacked directly. Alessandro Set a monster and passed.

Erik now found Tour Guide From the Underworld, which got him a second copy from his Deck. He used both to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon, which he then used to bring back Rescue Rabbit. It left the field right away again so Erik could Special Summon 2 Kabazauls. Both were then used to Special Summon Number 39: Utopia and the Xyz Monster attacked over Evolzar Laggia. Leviair the Sea Dragon‘s attack ended in Penguin Soldier, which meant that there were no monsters left on the field!

The Normal Summon of Kabazauls on Alessandro’s following turn got negated by Solemn Judgment. The Italian Duelist Set a Spell or Trap.

Erik Set a monster.

Alessandro Set another Spell or Trap. Erik Set another monster. Alessandro didn’t perform any actions.

Did Erik turn the game around?!

Erik Flip Summoned Rescue Rabbit. He Normal Summoned Effect Veiler. Both monsters were tuned to Ally of Justice Catastor. He passed.

Alessandro had Dark Hole, followed it up with Tour Guide From the Underworld and this got him Sangan. He went on Xyz Summoning Leviair the Sea Dragon, but he didn’t have to go any further as Erik offered the handshake at this point!

Alessandro is your new European Dragon Duel Champion!

Wow, what a match! It seemed like Erik came back twice in the last Duel of the day, however, Alessandro had all the answers he needed – Penguin Soldier and Dark Hole.

Congratulations to Erik for making it all the way to the finals and earning his spot in the very first Dragon Duel World Championship and congratulations to Alessandro for becoming the European Dragon Duel Champion, who will also fly to Worlds!

Written by Oliver Gehrmann WCQ: European Championship 2012 Dragon Duel Championship, Feature Match, Top 8
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